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Join us on the 6th of April in Parc Asterix for a day with Asterix, the Gaul and conquer with us all rollercoasters like Oziris, Tonnerre 2 Zeus and the brand new Toutatis launched rollercoaster and many other rides. On the 7th of April we will visit Parc Saint Paul, with some unique rides like a PAX coaster “Wild Train” and the wonderful Wood Express. You can join for one day at any park or for the whole weekend.

We will hold our Summerfest this year and the UK. Because we wanted to ride some classic rides, visit some great parks and in the meantime enjoy some new ones like Nemesis Reborn, Hyperia,… We will visit Chessington, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Paultons Parc, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and many more… This is a week trip which includes Hotels and coach transportation.

Lets bring the adrenaline to a new level with roller coasters and scare mazes. Join us in Heidepark, Germany for a weekend of thrill, chill and screams.

Cozy up with us in Liseberg, Sweden for our weekend away in a winter wonderland. Never been to Liseberg in the winter? Now is your chance. Enjoy the typical atmosphere of Swedish Christmas, food and drinks and most importantly  some rollercoasters in the snow. No better way to finish the year in style.

The above season trips are ACE Europe Regional events. 

If you are interested in the other American Coaster Enthusiast regions, please visit the global events calendar.

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