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Meet the representatives for ACE Europe Region

Jo – France/Belgium

Based in Belgium, Jo is the primary contact for the ACE Europe Region. In his role as regional representative he is constant contact with the parks and members to ensure all European members have the best trips, benefits and the most up-to-date news. As regional representative Jo has delegated assistent representatives to support him with the different countries. 

Dennis – the Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, Dennis the assistent representative for the country. In addition he is also the website administrator.

Hjälmar – United Kingdom/Ireland

Based in the United Kingdom, Hjälmar is the assistant representative for the United Kingdom and Ireland. In addition to his role, he also proofreads the website and provides project support for trips. 

Tera – Czech Republic/Poland

Based in Czech Republic, Tera is the assistant representative for the Eastern European region. In addition to her role, she manages the social media channels of ACE Europe Region. 

Wolf – Germany/Switzerland/Austria

Based in Germany, Wolf is the assistant representative for the German speaking countries. In addition to his role, he serves as ACE’s History Committee. His main focus will be extending our conservation efforts in Europe. 

Christopher – Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland

Based in Sweden, Christopher is the assistant representative for the Nordic European region. In addition to his role, he also provides media, media design and administrative support to the ACE Europe Region. 

We are looking for volunteers!


As a non-profit organisation we are always looking for new volunteers to help us with various tasks. They range from planning trips, social media, Marketing, writing and producing publications, operations, IT and email communications. However, it could also be that you have skill we are need of and we just didn’t know. Feel free contact us in the below contact box or try our survey.

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