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American Coaster Enthusiasts Europe Region(ACE Europe) is an extension of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) enthusiast organisation. This one of the 22 regions across the world for American Coaster Enthusiasts.  

Founded in 1978, American Coaster Enthusiasts is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, appreciation and safe enjoyment of roller coasters. With 5,500 members worldwide, ACE is the largest and longest-running enthusiast organization in the world. Members of ACE receive exclusive park benefits, newsletters, magazines and the opportunity to attend national, local and even international tours at parks. ACE hosts more than 75 national and regional coaster events all across North America every year and has been prominently featured on various news programs and many cable networks such as the Travel Channel.


Our Mission

The mission of American Coaster Enthusiasts is to:

  • foster and promote the conservation, appreciation, knowledge, and enjoyment of the classic wooden roller coaster and the contemporary steel roller coaster;
  • to create fellowship among its members;
  • and to promote the continued operation of roller coasters.

Why Choose Us?


You will be invited to all of the events, including our seasonal Fests, Coaster Con, national conferences, international trips and dozens of regional events. 


Strong voice for roller coaster and amusement park preservation, founder of National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives and creator of landmark coaster series


Exclusive park discounts, invites to new coaster openings and access to member only content


Visiting theme parks is a fun undertaking, it is even more fun with the ACE Europe events going across multiple countries. They are wel organised, fun and always providing that little extra that makes you want more.



“I joined ACE as soon as they started their European division. Always loved ACE but since most of the trips was organized in USA it was hard for me to join in. Now I can feel that there is a different focus on European parks which for me is perfect.
See you soon in a coaster somewhere.”


“Already the teaser for the “to the moon” event was better than anything I’ve seen from any club. That’s when I thought to myself, I’ll join you guys. “

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